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The Concordia


Converted hotel rooms are suitable for small families living in urban areas. They contain decent bedrooms and bathrooms. THE CONCORDIA is located in convenient urban areas surrounded by MTR stations, bus stops, shopping malls and leisure facilities so that all aspects of daily life are covered. All of that is located within walking distance.

THE CONCORDIA targets married couples who have been waiting for public housing for three years or more, or who live in unsuitable housing.It provides 30 double-person flats ranging from 147 square feet to 185 square feet in total. The temporary residence fee is approximately HK$3,900 to HK$4,810 per month. The fee includes basic utilities, and the temporary residence period is limited to two years. 



By sharing the household items and various resources, the tenants are encouraged to share their daily necessities with each other, so as to foster and encourage the spirit of mutual help among them.

Community support service

By exploring different social resources and services, we can improve the connection between the tenants and the community, so that the tenants can develop their community support network in the duration of stay in our transitional housing.

Relocation support services

Each household shall have one moving in and moving out transportation support service, so as to reduce their financial burden and help them to move to their destination more easily.

Acquisition of small equipment

To help the tenants integrate and adapt to the transitional housing environment more quickly, the social worker will help the tenants to purchase the necessary household equipment according to their needs

Savings Reward Plan

If the tenants can successfully save $200 each month, the social worker will distribute incentive cash coupons to each household, encourage them to develop a saving habit to prepare for their future and reduce their food expenses. The savings can be used for their home renovation or the purchase of furniture

Opening/Service Hours

Monday to Friday

9:30 am – 1:00pm

2:00pm - 5:30pm

Saturdays by appointment 

Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday


Address:101 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong
Tel:9299 9412

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