“We-farming” Organic Farming Project


In 2010, those not-yet-in-use farmland in Shek Wu had locked with Steel wire netting by property developers. It may seems to be common for protecting private property, but in squatter area, the whole social environment was totally changed by this “normal protection” - Farmland and farmer was lost it’s own productivity, those not-yet-in-use farmland was became wilderness of weeds, snakes, mouses and insects. For villagers who live nearby, those farmland was much more danger then before.

Under such circumstances, we connected the Landlords with villagers and farmers to explore the possibility of re-using the not-yet-in-use lands for agricultural purposes. After mutual communication and discussion for 6 months, the project had finally started.


We believe that farmland is created with its specific function - producing fruits and vegetables . On the other hand, farmers also have their specific function - farming and protecting farmland. Therefore, the stakeholders should cherish the specific function of farmland and farmers, and make good use of it.

When the farmers come back to the new farmland and cultivate new fruits and vegetables, both the people and the land contribute their own value in building a better environment - an organic farmland and a scenic nature. People from city may get the opportunities to learn more about organic farming, to appreciate with the beautiful nature and experience the harmonious spirit between city and rural.


“And God said, See, I have given you every plant producing seed, on the face of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit producing seed: they will be for your food.” (Genesis 1:29)


Relase the usage right of their own farmland and fulfill the responsibility of social enterprise.

Cultivate fruits and vegetables by their professional skills, contribute the value of farmland, and teach different skills of farming to citizen.

Learn more about organic farming and enjoy the “green life” with organic fruits and vegetables.

Be the social goodwill ambassador, help to develop the harmonious spirit between city and rural.


Depend on different activities


Re-farm again in the Fanling North New Development Areas for the establishment of a social enterprise aiming at facilitating the former farmers to re-farm in this “new farmland”.

People from city may get the opportunities to learn more about organic farming from professional farmers and plant organic fruits and vegetables by themselves. 

Service Hour

Monday to Sunday :
9am – 1130am, 230pm–530pm


Summer Time Service Hours(From Mid-May to Mid-September, Monday to Sunday)
830am – 11am, 330pm – 630pm


Depend on different activities


Address:Shek Wu San Tsuen,Fanling, New Territories
Telephone:5425 5280
Fax:2676 2077
Person In Charge:Mr.Lui Cheuk Lun

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