Homantin Lutheran Hostel


Homantin Lutheran Hostel have been established since 2000. The second of the mentally handicapped service units of Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, we provides day training and hostel services to mentally handicapped adults to enhance their physical, mental and social abilities, improve their quality of life and facilitate their reintegration into the community.


  • Provide individual training program to enhance their life skills and increase their quality of life.
  • Provide hostel and catering services to reduce family caring pressure.
  • Promote social interaction and community fusion.
  • Motivate family participation and develop partnership.
  • Provide opportunity and training to volunteers so as to increase their understanding and acceptance on mentally handicapped persons.
  • Promote community education and build up a correct concept towards mentally handicapped persons in the community.


Age 15 or above, moderate to severe grade mentally handicapped persons. Hostel admission is not open to wheel-chair users.




Respite Service 2 (1 male and 1 female)

Opening/Service Hours

Provide 24 hours service (Home leave be granted on Weekends, Festivals and Public Holidays)


According to the standard fixed by the Social Welfare Department.


Address:L5, Yan Man House, Homantin Estate, Fat Kwong Street, Homantin, Kln.
Tel:2242 1919 / 2242 1920
Fax:2242 1661

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