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The Lutheran Family Counselling Center was established in 2009. In the spirit of Christians serving each other. We aim to provide professional counseling and parenting education services through the integration of faith and counselling. 

In addition to providing professional family support services for the clients, it is more important to spread the gospel widely so that more people can know Jesus Christ.



• To provide professional counseling and parenting services through the integration of Christian faith and counseling service.

• Supporting the pastoral care to families and consolidating marital relationship and parent education.

• Promote parent-child nurturing



Kindergarten, primary and secondary school from Lutheran.

Parents/family in need in the community.


Parent(s) /Family Professional Case

Counselling Service

• Through face-to-face interviews or home visits, provide families with professional case counseling, promote healthy family life as the goal, enhance family functions and close relationships between members, so as to nurture families to grow up amidst various challenges and build a harmonious family.

• The scope of treatment includes couple or parent-child relationship issues, extramarital affairs, two generations or in-laws getting along with each other.

• Refer related professional services when necessary.


Parenting/Group and Activities

• Organize diversified parent/parent-child groups and activities to promote the healthy growth of family members in body, mind, society and spirit.

Parent Faith Cultivation Ministry

• Carry out parent groups/workshops that combine different forms of faith cultivation with the love of Christ, such as: parent fellowship, parent prayer meeting, etc.

On-Campus Service

• Case service, parental education seminars/workshops, parent/parent-child groups, booth activities and parent fellowships, etc.

Consultation Service

• Provide parents with information and professional advice on community resources.

Volunteer Service

• Provide training, teach handicraft skills, and apply them to the center\'s volunteer services.

Intercession Hotline

• Every Thursday from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, Christians and registered social workers will answer prayers for those in need.



Service Hour

Monday to Thursday 9:30am – 06:00pm

Saturday (Open for necessary)

*Closed on Sunday and public holiday.

*Evening counselling can be arranged at the time of appointment.


Parent/Family Professional Case Counselling Service

(Telephone consultation)


Parent/Family Professional Case Counselling Service

**50 minutes per session


**Charges will be handled according to the family\'s financial situation

Individual membership fee

$25 (one year)

Family membership fee

$50 (one year)


The Youth Mental Health First Aidis a 14 hours certificate training course which is accredited by Mental Health Association of Hong Kong and is issued by the Lutheran Family Counselling Centre. The course is designed for participant who works with adolescents in dealing their mental health crisis, such as: depression, anxiety, self-harm or suicidal risk, etc. During the training, participant will learn how to identify and to response some mental health crises in adolescent so as to help the adolescent in a positive way.     


Tacit Understanding : The Premarital Counselling Service

Tacit Understanding : The Premarital Counselling Serviceis a six sessions program which is designed for couple to face the new challenges before getting marriage. The program includes: Review your love story; The family of origin; The styles of conflict resolution; Sex and intimacy; Financial planning, Wedding preparation, Family planning, etc. Certificate will be issued by Lutheran Family Counselling Centre after program. The program fee is HKD$3300 for 6 session with the explanation of Inventory Test (T-JTA or Prepare/Enrich*)    

*Not including the extra payment around HKD$350-400 for Prepare/Enrich 


Address:3/F, Tin Wah House, 38-44 Chuen Lung Street, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Telephone:3620 3453
Fax:3620 3049
Person In Charge:Ms.Keung Hoi Yan

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