Rainbow Lutheran Centre


Our name “Rainbow” represents our vision of service users having hope of continuing to striving for a better life after suffering from setbacks in life. In the Bible, the Rainbow is a sign of “Grace”. After destroying the Earth with Great Flood, God established covenant with men with rainbow as the sign to give men a second chance of life. Likewise, we hope to assist people who are in need to refrain from psychotropic substance abuse and rebuild a healthy life through our encounters.


  1. Help people who abuse psychotropic drugs to withdraw from drugs so that they can rebuild a healthy life
  2. Facilitate young people to understand the harmful effects of psychotropic substances so that they can stay away from such substances
  3. Assist the families of psychotropic substance abusers to face and handle the corresponding problems
  4. Provide counselling service to rehabilitants who have just been discharged from Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres to strengthen their determination to maintain drug-free
  5. Offer professional training and community education to enhance the skills and knowledge of youth workers and the people in need in addressing the issues related to drugs


  1. People who abuse psychotropic substances
  2. Families of people who abuse psychotropic substances
  3. People discharged from Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres
  4. Youth workers, teachers, parents and community members
  5. Secondary school students in the district


  1. Individual, family and group counseling
  2. Case assessment and referral
  3. Withdrawal and rehabilitation counseling
  4. Medical support services and referral
  5. Outreach counseling (Early detection and intervention)
  6. Family counseling and emotional support
  7. Preventive education in secondary schools
  8. Professional training and community education
  9. Telephone and drop-in advisory services

Service Hour

From Monday to Friday 9:30pm-1:00pm;2:00pm- 5:30pm;
Tuesday to Friday Night 6:30pm-9:30pm (individual and group counselling services are available by appointment);
Saturday 9:30pm-1:00pm;
Sundays and public holidays: closed




Medical support services

We provide suitable health intervention to service users through professional medical assessment, analysis and treatment so as to:

  1. facilitate their understanding of the hazardous effects of psychotropic substances to the body;
  2. enhance their drug withdrawal motivation
  3. intervene physical, mental, and emotional problems brought by drug abuse


  • Nursing health assessment and medical care
  • Physical examination ( Lung x-ray, ECG computer analysis, liver function and kidney function tests)
  • Medical analysis and diagnosis, treatment and referral (including General Medicine, Psychiatry, Urology, etc.)
  • Diagnosis and treatment by registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners
  • Counseling by social workers and clinical psychologists


Address:1/F., Yee Yan House, Yee Ming Estate, No. 6 Chi Shin Street, Tseung Kwan O, N.T.
Telephone:2330 8004
Fax:2330 8071
Person In Charge:Mr.Wong Wai

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