Jockey Club Wah Ming Lutheran Integrated Service Centre


The Centre was established in 1990 in Fanling Wah Ming Estate to provide social welfare services to children and youth and their family members. The Centre was changed to Wah Ming Lutheran Integrated Team in 1998 after the service evaluation launched by the government. In 2001, The Jockey Club Charities Trust and Lotteries Fund financed the modernization project of the Centre.The modern renovation with creative design concept has given new look to the Centre which has re-named as Jockey Club Wah Ming Lutheran Integrated Service Centre.


  • To develop the personal strengths of youth, improve their interpersonal relationship and facilitate them to build up positive living attitudes
  • To advance the employ ability of youth
  • To advocate harmonious family relationship
  • To promote youth’s awareness of social issues and nurture their civic awareness


Children and youth age 6 to 24 and their family members.


1400 members per year


Youth Service (e.g. school social service, employment service, volunteer training, outreaching service, social skills training, case counseling, etc)

Family Service (e.g. parent’s educational program, parent-child activities, family case counseling, etc)

Community Service (e.g. community educational program, community inclusion project, etc)

Service to Special Need Target Group (e.g. Specific Learning Disabilities Group, New Arrival Children, etc)

Others (e.g. library service, study room service, band room service, computer room service, etc)

Opening/Service Hours

Monday: 2:00PM-5:15PM
Tuesday-Friday: 2:00PM-9:15PM
Saturday: 9:45AM-9:15PM



Classes, groups and programs enrollment fee are listed in quarterly bulletin.


Address:1/F, Wah Ming Shopping Centre (South Portion), Wah Ming Estate, Fanling, N.T
Tel:2677 0650
Fax:2677 2906

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